At Age 11, I discovered the Music of the Beatles, and therefore Rock'N'Roll, and I discovered the thing that would be the greatest love of my life outside of my Family and friends... I begun a journey that would incorporate many Bands, and eventually many Genres, Becoming the Blues and Rock fanatic that I am today. 

I made a decision the day I discovered the Beatles, that I will become a guitarist (Acheived) and a Rock'N'Roll star (Never even close).  Although I am not a Rock star,  I have managed to incorporate music into my art and when I read my poetry to Children around Ireland,  they do so love it when I pull out my guitar for a musial interlude...  Some examples of which can be seen below.

Even today, when I have a guitar on my knee,  whether in front of a crowd, in front of my wife or all alone, I am exceptionally happy... 

I even provided filler music, for my wife's forthcoming storytelling CD,  details of which will soon be found here