Poetry & Picture Books

Paul has written and published four collections of Nonsense/Comic Verse with Illustrations,  also Written and Illustrated many Picture Books.  Details of which are below.

Strange Creatures Pointing at Things:
 Strange Creatures Pointing at Things,  is a Picture book Written by Paul H. Tubb.  It's the Kind of Book that will have you asking, 'Why are these Strange Creatures Pointing at Things?'  Well don't expect an answer to be within the pages of the book,  but do expect Laughs, Rhymes and Weirdness.  This Book is a spin-off  of the Exhibiton: 'Tobias Buckmaster's Weird not Wonderful Creatures', and exhibition that has yet to happen, but hopefully will soon.
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A New Hilarious Christmassy Picture Book:  
Oh No!  It's that Time of Year Again


What on Earth is Going on?
The Hat, The Tree indoors, The Decorations And the Noise, The Constant Noise...
Join Isiah as he tries to understand The Christmas Season, that most Human but Confusing Time of the year...

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4 Wacky Tales

In 2014,  Emu Ink published 4 of Paul's Illustrated Rhyming tales, for Children.  The tales are available to Rent individually or buy as a whole package...

The titles are:
Ten Princesses
The Dog of Edward Aloysius Grey
Scaring Jeremiah
Jeremy Doesn't Like Jam

By Clicking on the covers below it will take you to the whole collection or each tale individually.


A Poet's Nonsensical Journey Through England Scotland and Wales
People of England, Scotland and Wales lock up your Jaffa Cakes…

As in February 2012, Poet, Humorist, Cartoonist and Singer-Songwriter Paul Tubb has been living in Ireland for 10 years, so to celebrate he is on his way over to his home country and it’s neighbours and he’s bringing with him his pen, pencil, notepad, sketchpad and his lucky oven glove. He has plans to document his journey in poetry and pictures.

The result is, ‘A Poet’s Nonsensical Journey through England, Scotland and Wales’. A hilariously funny collection of Nonsense/Comic Verse with cartoon style illustrations that will display a unique and offbeat perspective of the three countries. Included within this collection is the hysterical prose journal of his time visiting his home Island.

So Children of all ages if it’s laughter and ridiculousness you require, ‘A Poet’s Nonsensical Journey through England, Scotland and Wales’ will be able to provide this for you and so much more…

Find out about the young girl from Stranraer who wants the alphabet changed, a man from Borth who has to finish in forth place, why all Dogs are English and many other things that you weren’t aware of regarding England, Scotland and Wales. 


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Please Do Not Encourage This Nonsense By Purchasing This Book:
Paul's first collection of poetry, is a hilariously funny collection of verse that introduces the reader to many strange people, animals and situations... Described as:
23 Poems Not about Football, 11 that are about Football and 5 limericks. Paul Tubb has put these together, with some illustrations, into a handy book form so that they can be read at anyone’s leisure. Funny Rhyming poems that will delight Children of all ages. Poems about subjects such as Strange Christmas’s, Tone Deaf Dentists and the worlds worst stuntman among others.


Contains Much which is Delightfully ridiculous: Carousel Guide to Children's books

We did laugh out loud at some of the jokes: Books Ireland

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  Dublin's Lesser Spotted Creatures   

In Dublin’s fair city, the girls may be pretty but the creatures that reside there are as strange as can be… So with this in mind poet/humorist/singer-songwriter, Paul Tubb has decided to document these creatures, using rhyme and pictures, in this collection of Nonsensical verse.

So come and learn about creatures such as: the Quinklesaur, The Kwalaguppy, the Ape like creatures who spend their time playing Subbuteo and many others?

A laugh-out-loud funny collection which introduces you to aspects of Dublin you will, until now, have been unaware of. This wonderful book is suitable for Children of all ages.

'The poems play with words and images in a way that makes you laugh. the great thing about this poetry is that it introduces readers to poetry whilst teaching them that using your imagination is a good thing.' Books Ireland

I laughed out loud at the poem about Welsh prawns holidaying in Dublin, and at the bespectacled badger. Tubb locates the outlandish in the mundane and has an eye for the quirky and unusual. - Inis Magazine Website (www.inismagazine.com)

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Mistletoe and Root Beer: Comical Christmas Verse (Kindle Only)

Christmas Can Be Crazy, but is it as crazy as the Poems in this Collection of Christmas Verse?
Jokes inside of Christmas Crackers are possibly the funniest things on the planet, but are they as funny as the poetry in this volume?
Well it is for you to decide. By reading, Mistletoe and Root Beer, a collection of zany Christmas Rhymes written by Paul H. Tubb, you will be able to answer the questions posed above.

The poetry is on subjects as diverse as, an odd choice of casting for a nativity play, A Priest who does not look forward to the Christmas season, A young girl worried about Santa's Thoroughness and many other festive situations.

P.S. Although Paul loves puns, he is far to gracious to incorporate the pun, 'Kris Kindle' when referring to this Christmas based E-book.

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The Cheeseburger Fairy of Littlehampton 

If you find yourself in Littlehampton,

Please, keep your eyes peeled.
There’s a fairy that resides there,
In the region of Brookfield.
And she lives for granting wishes
Whatever your hearts desire.
Like most fairies she longs to give
People what they require.
Well that’s not strictly accurate,
You, at least, have to say please
And even then, you’ll get your wish
Only if it’s a Burger with Cheese.
That’s the only wish she learnt how
To grant at Fairy school.
She was normally too busy dreaming
And acting the class fool.
So when it came to graduate,
All that she could do
Was produce delectable cheeseburgers
With pickles and onion too.
So if you now see this fairy type creature,
It won’t be a total surprise
And you can get a free cheeseburger,
But you’ll have to pay for your fries.

(c)  Paul H. Tubb

Worrying Christmas Lyrics 

Something bothered Jenny.

Her mother asked, “what’s wrong?”

Jenny replied, “I’m worried,

Due to the words of a Christmas song.”
Her Mum she was surprised and asked

“Which one is making you frown?”

Jenny then said, “It’s the one

About Santa Claus coming to town.

Well in the song it mentions a list

And it claims he checks it twice,

Well I am sorry but I do not believe

That two times will suffice.

I check my homework at least four times

Before I’m Certain of it

And that’s not as important as Santa’s list,

Which has to be right, every bit.

Every Child in the world’s on it and

There are billions as far as I’m aware,

I would like to think Santa, over the list,

Took appropriate care.

The song then tells all the children

To be good for goodness sake.
Well if you’re good you could be left out

Due to a silly clerical mistake.”


 (c) Paul H Tubb 

The Bespectacled Badger from Ballsbridge 

The bespectacled badger from Ballsbridge

Found it difficult to see.

The spectacles that gave him his name

Were totally and utterly

Useless, as they didn’t serve

The purpose that they should.

Although when he put them on himself

The badger thought they would.

He found them whilst rummaging in the bins

Of the local cinema.

This may also give you an idea

Why they’re as useless as they are.

They’re not glasses for improving sight

They’re for enhancing the effects

Of a movie, I believe they’re commonly known

In the trade as 3-D specs.

(c) Paul H Tubb